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DIN Rail Mounting System

Installation is a Snap! FreeWave’s DIN Rail Mounting Solution allows wireless Enclosed and OEM Board-level radios to be quickly mounted into panels or protective housings requiring DIN Rail compatibility. The FreeWave DIN Rail Mounting Solution allows FreeWave radio products to be mounted either vertically or horizontally to best suit the installation needs.

  • Standardized — Accommodates 35 mm DIN Rail.
  • Compatible — with both Enclosed and Standard size OEM Board level radios.
  • New Installations — Factory assembly is available.
  • Current Installations — Kits are available for retrofit field installations.
MBRK-DIN-M Factory mounted on a new radio MBRK-DIN-K Field installation kit Specifications:
  DIN Rail Mounting Systems are available for the following FreeWave Radios:  
  • FGR2
  • FGR2-IOS
  • Ranger Series
  • IM-5 Series
  • FGR-115RC
  • FGR-115RE
  • FGR-115MB
  • FGR-115WC
  • IM-800X009
  • IM-900X009