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Introducing the WaveLine 10i

FreeWave’s Class 1, Division 1, Intrinsically Safe I/O Solution


The rugged and reliable WaveLine 10i delivers a class 1, division 1 (C1D1) intrinsically safe design for remote data transmission and monitoring within hazardous locations. While ideally suited for explosive gas applications in the oil and gas industry, the WaveLine 10i’s convenient small packaging and integrated solar panel make it well suited for small I/O count applications in other industries such as Smart Grid, water/wastewater, and agriculture.


Designed with a self-contained enclosure and a 1-watt radio, the WaveLine 10i Series is specifically constructed for the most rigorous outdoor applications. Its rugged design accommodates temperatures from -30° C to+65° C (-20° F to +150° F), and incorporates an integrated temperature sensor.


With the WaveLine 10i’s flexible design, end users can select the analog sensor of their choice for a versatile overall solution. Two digital channels are jumper selectable as either input or output, enabling the control and monitoring of process control applications using a secure, reliable data link.


With C1D1 certification, the WaveLine 10i can support a safe operating environment for a variety of monitoring applications including pressures, temperatures, and liquid levels. After undergoing a vigorous certification process, the WaveLine 10i enables optimal performance in a variety of potentially dangerous settings.


The WaveLine 10i is compatible with all FreeWave FGR/FGR2 networks and is Modbus RTU/slave compatible.


Applications & Industries


  Oil and Gas
Class 1, Division 1 Intrinsically Safe Design for Hazardous Environments (Oil Tanks, Transportation Pipelines, etc.)
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  Electric Power / Smart Grid
Analog on Digital Input, Integrates Easily into Existing FreeWave Networks
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Built-in Solar Panel and Battery for Remote Locations, Integrates Easily into Existing FreeWave Networks
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  Precision Agriculture
Remote Monitoring and Control, such as Irrigation Control, Moisture Monitoring, Ph Monitoring, Field Sensors
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