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FreeWave is the leader in wireless M2M and IoT solutions for the oil and gas industry. Our solutions help producers, gatherers, and pipeline operators collect mission-critical data and move that information quickly and securely - often from remote sites and under rugged conditions. In fact, 29 of the 30 largest domestic oil and gas producers use FreeWave wireless M2M networking solutions.. 

Our industrial M2M network solutions offer superior performance and durability, coupled with the extended operating range and lower power consumption. To ensure success, we also provide system design and on-site training services, as well as diagnostic and configuration tools that empower you to gain the most value and performance from your wireless networks.

Oil and Gas Products


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FreeWave's wireless M2M solutions are widely deployed by many leading oil and gas companies for reliable, cost effective wireless data communications from the wellhead to the corporate SCADA network in support of  a wide range of applications.

Remote monitoring and the control of:
  • Plunger lift
  • Tank levels
  • Water meters
  • Pumps, valves, and flow lines
  • Flare stacks
  • Dehydrator temperature
  • Separator pressure
  • Emergency Shut Down (ESD)
  • Cathodic protection 
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Superior sensitivity and reliability
Greater throughput and range

Industry- leading lower power consumption
Save hundreds of dollars per location through the use of smaller batteries and solar panels

Backward compatibility
Easily expand existing networks and reduce your total cost of ownership

Every radio 100% factory tested
Proven reliability in even the most extreme conditions

Factory and field training
Maximize your technology investment

Path studies and network design
FreeWave networks are precise, accurate and guaranteed to work.