FreeWave Has Wireless M2M Solutions for Every Industrial Application

FreeWave's high-speed wireless machine to machine (M2M) solutions are used in a variety of industrial applications by companies in the Internet of Things (IoT) and machine to machine markets.
Oil and Gas
FreeWave is the M2M and IoT wireless communications leader of choice for the oil and gas industry, helping producers, gatherers, and pipeline operators collect mission-critical data. In fact, the majority of the largest domestic oil and gas producers use FreeWave wireless M2M solutions.


Government and Defense

When lives are at stake and reliability is critical, the military industry turns to FreeWave for uncompromised wireless communications, low power consumption, lightweight solutions, and critical field performance.




The key to successful utility operations is reliable, secure communications, FreeWave's IoT and M2M solutions for utilities facilitate AMI backhaul, distribution management and automation, SCADA systems, substation automation, load management, and more.




FreeWave wireless communication solutions help automate pivot irrigation systems to ensure maximized productivity and efficiency. Our industrial M2M solutions can be used in a variety of irrigation applications.




FreeWave solutions are used in a variety of machine to machine industrial  applications for the agriculture industry including precision steering/guidance, fertilizer and pesticide application, and feedlot controls.



Environmental Monitoring

FreeWave's M2M wireless communication networks help monitor environmental benchmarks including volcanic and seismic activity, hazardous material leaks, water levels, river flow, fugitive emissions, and more.



Location Tracking

FreeWave M2M solutions support automated vehicle applications including communicating location and other key criteria for golf carts, vehicle location systems, bus and taxi services, and more.



Municipal / Smart Cities

Municipalities turn to FreeWave to help them deliver services to their citizens – faster, cheaper, and efficiently. FreeWave's M2M and IoT wireless communication solutions support areas like emergency services, traffic light systems, vehicle databases, and hospitals.



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