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FreeWave radios are leading the way in licensed and unlicensed wireless communications for a variety of industries.


Automated Vehicle Location

FreeWave's spread spectrum radios are integrated into state-of-the-art carts and systems and used by pros worldwide. Learn More



Electric Power / Smart Grid

FreeWave offers broad, integrated solutions that meet the emerging demands of  both the Electric Power and Smart Grid Industries.Learn More



Environmental Monitoring

FreeWave radio networks are increasingly used to help monitor the quality of the environment, including volcanic activity, earthquakes and the general health of the environment.. Learn More



Government and Defense

Our military and allies trust FreeWave radios to go beyond mission critical data radios. FreeWave's military and ISM band radios are designed to perform at the highest level of performance. Learn More



Oil & Gas

We are proud to call nine of the ten largest oil and gas companies in North America our customers and partners. Our wireless data radios offer superior performance and reliability. Learn More



Precision Agriculture

Agriculture is a cutting edge arena for wireless communications.  Leaders in agriculture depend on FreeWave for reliable communications in many applications. Learn More



Wind and Solar

FreeWave radios deliver high-performance, secure wireless solutions for Solar Power and Wind Communications Systems. FreeWave gives Energy Producers superior wireless solutions. Learn More



Water / Wastewater

Automation and security for municipal and private water systems are imperative in today's world.  Whether you need to monitor tank levels, remote operations or water flow, FreeWave can provide you with the solution you need. Learn More


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