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Based in Boulder, Colo., FreeWave Technologies was founded in 1993 with a clear mission – to help customers transmit mission-critical data via secure, highly reliable licensed and license-free spread spectrum radios. Since then, we have enjoyed strong and steady growth by delivering innovative wireless solutions that are backed by a passion and commitment to ensure the total success of our global customers.

We exceed customer expectations by taking a hands-on approach in the design, manufacture and implementation of each and every FreeWave radio. We take pride in manufacturing and testing every single radio that ships from our headquarters here in Boulder, Colorado, USA. That’s one of the many reasons why FreeWave continues as the trusted partner for leaders in oil and gas, military, utilities, electric power/smart grid and wind power industries, as well as a host of other industrial applications, such as SCADA, I/O and CP.

 FreeWave Technologies is a global leader, both within the industry and here locally in Boulder. Our products are known for superior sensitivity, reliability and low-power consumption. These attributes make our radios the ones you can trust, the ones that operate where other radios fail, and the ones that make the most sense from an overall cost and performance standpoint.

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