F Series

The FreeWave Technologies military products are designed to meet the rigorous demands of military and government users worldwide. This user-configurable, 225-400 MHz product is available as an OEM board level radio, rugged enclosure, or waterproof enclosure. It is used in applications ranging from UAVs to UGVs and more. FreeWave’s UHF products share the same features as many of our other radios that assure data transmission, 115.2 kbps and 153.6 kbps throughput, high speed frequency hopping, and optional AES encryption and TDMA modes. All radios are designed, manufactured and 100% tested at FreeWave’s world class manufacturing facility in Boulder, Colorado.

ITAR, Export, or Restricted use only (License required for Export)

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  • Frequency Range: 225-400 MHz Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum

  • Long Range: 60 mile line of site range, ability to extend through repeaters

  • Error Free Communications: 32 bit CRC with automatic retransmission

  • Industrial Grade Specifications: 100% tested for RF performance from -40ºC to +75ºC

  • Versatile: Repeater and simultaneous Endpoint and Repeater function all in a single radio

  • Data Interface: RS232 /RS485/RS422 

  • Operating Voltage: +9.5 to +30 VDC

  • Noise Immunity: Superior performance in noise congested environments

  • Secure: Proprietary Spread Spectrum Technology prevents detection and unauthorized access

  • Product Option: TDMA Available

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